Marcus  "The Lightening" Callis

Marcus "The Lightening" Callis

Director of Warehousing and Distribution

Marcus, 9Round’s Director of Warehousing and Distribution, hails from Knoxville, Tennessee and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from prestigious George Mason University.

After working his way through college at UPS, Marcus came to 9Round after 16 years as Managaing Director at Tiger Claw. The passion of the staff, franchisees, and membership is what attracted Marcus to pursue a career with 9Round, where he plans to help streamline processes and improve operations at the corporate distribution center.

Marcus has been involved in martial arts since the age of 6, and enjoys the speed and effectiveness of the 9Round workout. When he’s not in the warehouse, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Karen and son, Evan.

Favorite quote: “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

Favorite 9Round Move: Speedbag Drills

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