Dawn "The Intimidator" Koenig

Dawn "The Intimidator" Koenig

Director of Onboarding

As a Franchise Coach and On-Boarder at 9Round, Dawn helps provide franchisees all the tools they need to get their 9Round location(s) open, including coordinating real estate assistance and vendors, as well as pre-opening training, marketing, and club buildout support. Her professional goals include becoming an even better franchise on-boarder, developing systems for her department, and continuing to grow the brand while building relationships along the way.

She loves the 9Round workout because it provides an incredible stress-relieving workout in only 30 minutes, leaving her feeling empowered, confident, and strong.

Dawn grew up in Buffalo, NY, and prior to beginning work at 9Round 2014, she spent time in Nicaragua as a missionary, worked as a youth leader, and worked in the restaurant industry. These experiences helped her learn how to multi-task, manage time efficiently, and work on developing strong interpersonal skills.

When not working, Dawn enjoys spending time with her friends and her sweet little girl. She enjoys traveling, cooking, camping, and "do it yourself" projects.

Favorite quote: “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will” – Mahatma Gandhi

Favorite 9Round Move: Uppercut

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