¿En qué consiste el entrenamiento?
Our training, held in Greenville, SC, is a four-day intensive program in which you’ll learn how to operate your 9Round business. Mornings are spent in the classroom, heavily focused on brand standards, sales techniques, and important operational procedures. Afternoons are spent in one of our seven corporate clubs, where you’ll be working hands-on, training actual 9Round members. Most attendees of 9Round Training Camp refer to this jam-packed four days as “life-changing!”
¿Cuál es el término para ser dueño de una franquicia de 9Round?
10 años
¿De cuántas maneras puedo ganar dinero con una franquicia de 9Round?
La membresía y las ventas de mercancías son las dos grandes formas de generar ingresos. Le mostraremos cómo maximizar ambos.
¿Cuál es el compromiso de tiempo para los propietarios semi-ausentes?
Ser propietario semi-ausente generalmente requiere de 10 a 15 horas a la semana una vez que el gimnasio está en funcionamiento.
¿Se requiere que un propietario semi-ausente vaya al campo de entrenamiento?
Yes. Both the owner and manager must attend Training Camp prior to opening. After the initial training, the manager must attend one regional training per year.
¿Cuál es el tamaño de ubicación perfecto para una franquicia de 9Round?
1,200-1,500 square ft. of retail space is just right. We've found that a small space is more intimate, and allows you to give every client a personal touch.
¿Está 9Round incluido en el Registro de Franquicias de la Administración de Pequeñas Empresas?
Yes, we are, and this is a very valuable benefit in seeking financing to open your 9Round gym. The SBA Franchise Registry is a prestigious national online listing of approved franchise systems whose franchisees and existing franchisees receive accelerated loan processing through your lender and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). This is a tool that lenders use for expediting your loan requests. This is a rigorous process that 9Round went through to bring value to you in financing your 9Round and to show our commitment to supporting your success. Banks that provided SBA financing use this service as a form of "reference check," and this saves you tremendous amounts of time in waiting for financing decisions. Also, the 9Round candidate or existing franchisee is provided with higher levels of service and quicker loans. Franchise systems not listed on the site are not eligible for expedited loan processing through the SBA.